Acharya (Dr.) Maheshananda Vidyalankar

Founder & CEO, Rishipath International

Acharya (Dr.) Maheshananda Vidyalankar (Dr. M. K. Mainali) obtained his Ph.D. in Yogic Sciences. He is relentlessly pursuing his lifetime purpose with vision and mission of globally re-establishing multifaceted dimensions of Rishi Tradition through various projects. This tradition is based on the teachings of Vedas and Vedic literature, so that individuals from diverse disciplines can explore the eternal path (soul of Rishi tradition) i.e. Rishi Yoga – an authentic practice for experiencing ultimate joy and bliss in life (Jeevanmukti/Jeevan Shuddhi) and establishing a peaceful and harmonious world (Jagat Shuddhi), thereby fulfilling Purushartha Chatushtaya (Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha). Spirituality, in his opinion, is not the property of any particular nationality, caste, creed or culture, but belongs to mankind!
To preserve, research, document, teach, educate, empower, enrich and disseminate the wisdom of the Rishi tradition, he has founded several organizations with a vision to re-establish the authentic and rich heritage, wisdom and knowledge of Sages (Rishis) and Seers through healthcare, research and publication, in every fabric of society.
He is Advisory Member of SANATHA, Minnesota, USA 501(1) (c) (3) – a Charitable and Educational non-profit organization. He is Founder Trustee of Rishipath International Foundation (Bangalore, India) and also the co-founder of Rishipath Healthcare, Research and Publication International (Bangalore, India).
His mission is to propagate and disseminate authentic and pristine Rishi Yoga axioms (doctrines), practices and therapeutic aspects, amongst other dimensions of the Rishi Traditions, in every nook and corner of this planet. With the help of latest technology, and various mediums of mass communications – literature, talks, programs, research publications, Yogkatha, discourse etc., he aspires to reach every human being on this planet with the messages of our Rishis and Sages. His vision is to globally establish Spiritual Technology – similar to the prevalent information technology, to alleviate humanity from ignorance, misery and suffering, so as to foster a healthy and spiritually sound environment. He believes that Rishi Yoga is one of the best way, to liberate one from the six impediments of - desire, anger, greed, lust, ego and jealousy, to channelize and transform energy towards becoming a noble human. When one conquers these impediments and pro victorious over oneself; peace, bliss, contentment and love flows abundantly in their lives.” Acharyaji aims to present yoga as a secular science and demystify associated myths!!!! All his efforts are meant for the upliftment of the society and the world, by establishing Rishi Yoga in its true form and propagating Yogic Spiritual technology as a tool for holistic development of humanity!! A very pragmatic visionary and psychologist, with strong determination, he has achieved success in each of his endeavors. He is also a renowned Vedic scholar, Ayurveda expert, Yogi of the highest order, energy healer, expert in Marma therapy, Reiki, Meditation, Concentration and Dhyan; Rishiyoga expert, prolific writer, poet, author of several books, philanthropist, Yoga research scientist and Spiritual guide. He is renowned nationally and internationally, and sought after by dignitaries for valuable suggestions and ideas about Vedas, Vedic culture, Yogic philosophy, Upanishads etc. He jointly designed and developed several levels of Energy Management System (EMS), with Prema Mysore CPA, who is internationally renowned subject matter expert in various dimensions of Energy healing, health and wellness.
He is a Yoga practitioner for over two decades. He perceived, researched, schematized and propagated an authentic ‘Rishi Yoga’ (nine levels) based on ancient scripture of rich Rishi tradition. He accepted the invitation by Indian Yoga Association to be a Life Member. He is one of the members of the QP NOS and Model Curriculum for Yoga Therapy Assistant Development Expert Committee of Healthcare Sector Skill Council, Govt. of India. He is nominated as a Board Member of Uttarakhand Sanskrit Academy, a Uttarakhand Govt., Sanskrit Education Division (ref. no – 493/xlii-1/2018-02 (05) 2012), since October 5th, 2018.
He is serving on the following Editorial board, as a subject matter expert:

    Editorial Board Member of the 'Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies (AJMS)' (
    Editorial Board Member of the 'Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga (IJAMY)' (

He is nominated as a Member of Technical Committee, Yoga Certification Board India, International Advisor, Nepal Yoga and Sports Association, Govt. of Nepal. He was invited to participate and attend Yoga Expert meeting for development of Certificate Program in Yoga at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Delhi, organized by Dept. of Health and Science, IGNOU and is scheduled to commence soon. He has authored, co-authored, edited and published hundreds of papers, books, journals etc. and presented papers in national and international conferences.

Prema Mysore

Founder & CEO, Rishipath International

Prema Mysore is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (Chartered Accountant) from State of Minnesota, an Information Technology professional – including certified SAP FI consultant, with nearly thirty five years of business and technical experience and expertise in India and USA, in various Fortune 500 companies. Her rich business experience includes expertise in financial services, retail, e-commerce, insurance and teaching. Her key strengths and competencies include managing large globally dispersed technical and functional members, strategizing technical solutions for business processes, business process improvement, tax planning and tax strategy, conducting non-profit audits, leading and managing cross functional teams for fortune 500 companies and teaching Principles of Accounting.
>Prema Mysore is a sought after consultant, for her exceptional business, technical, testing, tax, audit, accounting, finance, software design and development, ERP Implementation and leadership skills.
After three plus decades of professional experience, she quit her professional life to educate, empower and enrich people’s life with overall health and wellness – that includes physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual health. She considers herself very fortunate to have been under the tutelage of many Spiritual Masters, who have left their footprints and teachings in her Spiritual heart. Prema Mysore is an educator and advocate of Universal Peace, through overall individual health and wellness, which includes Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual health. She is a well-known member of the Minnesota Hindu community for over three decades. She travels all over the world, as a service to humanity, practices and teaches the ancient Indian science of holistic Self-Healing that includes Energy healing, Pranayams, Asanas, Mudras, Meditation, Acupressure, Marma Therapy, Reiki etc., and propagate the messages of our Rishis to mankind!!
She is the Founder of SANATHA, Minnesota, a 501(1)(c)(3) – a Charitable and Educational non-profit organization, dedicated to educate and increase the awareness of Ancient Science and overall individual well-being, that includes – training, research, documentation, preservation and dissemination of various self-healing modalities as documented in the scriptures and experienced by our Sages and Seers. She is the Founder of Rishipath Healthcare, Research and Publication International Pvt. Ltd. (Bangalore, India), an organization to re-establish the rich heritage, wisdom and knowledge of Sages (Rishis) and Seers of India, in every fabric of society and Rishipath International Foundation, that is committed to serve the society.
She is appointed as a Research Scientist at World Institute of Scientific Exploration (WISE). Baltimore. Also serves as Vice - Chair ISHAN - Institute for Self-Healing through Acupressure and Natural therapy (Bangalore, India).
Over the years, she has presented seminars, workshops and training sessions in India and USA. Highlights of her presentation includes – World Bank, Washington DC; International Yoga and Ayurveda Conference, at Boone North Carolina; Corporate Senior Management Teams; Hindu Temples across USA. She also had the opportunity to present at the First ISKCON North American Medical Professional Association Retreat at Gita Nagari, Pennsylvania. In India, she has presented in local languages – Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada and English. Recently, she was invited to be the guest speaker at World Health Day celebrated by General Motors Tech Center, Bangalore India on April 2018. She was also invited by the prestigious Gujarat Sports Club, Ahmedabad to conduct a holistic self-healing workshop. Trained and certified in Acupressure/Reflexology, from several institutions in India - including Ayurvedic, Chinese, Korean (Sujok) Acupressure and world renowned Dr Vora's technique, Asanas, Pranayamas, Meditation, Mudras, Laser Acupressure, Marma Therapy, Prana Violet Healing etc.
She has been appointed as Senior Lecturer (Therapist/Researcher) by Acupressure Shodh, Prashikshan Evam Upchar Sansthan – ASPEUS, Allahabad, India

Healthy mind and body
gives soul to the universe,
wings to the mind, flight
to the imagination.

To globally re-establish, multifaceted dimensions and the soul of Rishi Tradition (Parampara) – ‘Yoga’ and related disciplines. Rishipath is committed to unfold Spiritual Technology that is easily accessible to one and all in invoking inner transformation in people across the globe. Rishipath is dedicated to create a peaceful, harmonious, healthy and joyful society filled with human values of love, compassion and divinity.

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